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Ambling Ahead

zip zip

zip zip

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I had my first experience with zipcar today!

Also my first experience with Anacostia (where my CASA family lives), although that was kind of a non-entity. I showed up and called the CASA mom's phone, but she was out getting her hair done. Can't say I blame her -- I totally want a hair cut too. Also, she didn't have my cell number, so she'd been trying to get me at work. We rescheduled for Friday, but unfortunately we have court Wednesday, so I won't be able to go into the hearing with any info to contribute. But I don't think I'll be in trouble or anything.

Now, the zipcar. I reserved a Scion xA, mostly because it's totally cute. However, as someone told me months ago, it drives like a cardboard box. This combined with my rustiness as a driver meant a jerk jerk jerky ride. On 395 and 295. In the dark. During rush hour. It was like the perfect storm of driving conditions to freak me the hell out. Driving down Washington Blvd, some cabbie decided to merge into my lane from a standstill position. With no blinker. I didn't have enough time to slow down, so I darted to the left lane, where thank god there wasn't another car. It was then that I yelled, "Jesus fuck!" and thereafter was twice as tense. Gah, it was almost like being back in driver's ed, all stiff-armed and hunched forward and convinced something would go wrong. Oh, and I almost got run over walking the two blocks from my apartment to get to the car in the first place. See? The whole world (or at least its drivers) are conspiring against me.

After the non-meeting meeting, I had 2.5 hours left in my car reservation, only .5 of which I needed to find my way back to the safety of the Arlington metro corridor. So I went to Whole Foods for a few items and then to Giant, where I made the unprecedented move of using a shopping cart! So very exciting. You see, besides an occasional trip with Kristen, I do all my grocery shopping on foot, so I can only buy what I can carry. I went NUTS. Or as nuts as you can go purchasing paper towels and contact lens solution and a new baking sheet. I also bought enough soda to last me at least a month, i.e. a freaking lot of soda. Then I unloaded all the stuff, returned the car, made myself a delicious microwave pizza, and watched "24" (during which Sean Astin used the word "brinkmanship," which is awesome). Now I'm watching "Roller Girls."

You dudes cannot beat that excitement.

Tomorrow: back to the pool! Woohoo!
  • (Anonymous)
    So, did you like the Zipcar experience, would you do it again? Worth the price? I'm trying to decide if I should buy a car or just rely on Zip. Oh, you didn't Tivo Lost last night did you? I got run over by a crazed teenage skiier and didn't make it home in time to tape it. Also, still interested in going shopping for cute tops this weekend?
    • Don't you have an lj? Couldn't you sign into it and then you would get this comment in an email? Whatever, man.

      I am up for cute tops shopping anytime. Where to?
      • (Anonymous)
        Yeah, I do have one, but, ummm, I didn't feed it and it pooped all over the screen and then died. Or maybe that was my Tomigachi. Anyway, I have nothing to wear to drunkfest, but I also don't want to get stuck in the impending snow, so maybe tomorrow if the snow doesn't happen?
  • nice info about the zipcar

    Liked your post ..
    not really anon but don't have livejournal account
    • Re: nice info about the zipcar

      Hi - I doubt you'll check back here, but if you do, could you tell me how you came across my blog? I'm happy to have visitors, just curious.
      • Re: nice info about the zipcar

        dcblogs again .. in answer to your question. I search Technorati for dc-related posts. That's how I found yours.
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